User research

I whole-heartedly believe that User Centered Design and Participatory Design is the key to successful solutions that manages to create delightful experiences during use and significantly increases customer loyalty. It’s not a one time deal though. Users change which means the learning process must be continuous


Usability is intriguing because it is the gateway through which your content and value propositions can reach your target group. To achieve great usable products and services, we must really get to know our users, i.e. their demographics, cultural background, level of skill and knowledge, contexts of relevance, (dis)abilities, activities, goals, and interactions with the solution.

Service Design

Service Design requires an understanding of the big picture. How can we fine-tune to mechanical engine so it delivers a great value and experience from start to finish? Understanding our users’ expectations, behavior, and goals is essential as always. Internal and external service processes must also be mapped out, and touch points strategically selected to deliver best value 


Back-end UI




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Brand and website re-design for




Showcase of the chosen colors, fonts, logo, website wireframes & mockups, merchandise, and advertisements


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Reflections & process (in Danish)

A relatively short description of my thoughts behind certain design decisions and comments on the process from start to finish


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Initial research

Research of the brand identities of competing businesses, i.e. use of colors, logos, fonts and other website content


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A service concept design

CBS Shortcut

Student project at the IT University of Copenhagen




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